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Haitian Swagg Clothing is a family-owned business operating since 2014 in Ft. Washington, Maryland. We provide quality apparel and accessories at an affordable price. Haitian Swagg Clothing was born out of a strong love for the Haitian Culture, which Haitian Swagg strives to promote by highlighting the unique qualities of the Haitian people and their love for their country. Swagg means style, confidence and pride in the Haitian culture. Haitian Swagg Clothing wants you to show your love for Haiti by letting your own unique style show. The apparel sold by Haitian Swagg Clothing allows you to do just that. We provide you with a very high-quality, handmade product at half of the price of our competitors. Please follow us on Instagram.com/haitian.swagg, twitter.com/haitianswagg and facebook.com/Haitian-Swagg and take advantage of our discount codes:


About the Owner

Fritz Gerald, the Owner and CEO of Haitian Swagg Clothing, was born to be an entrepreneur. He was born in Port-of-Prince, Haiti to two young teenage parents. As a kid, he spent much of his time with his grandmother, from whom he learned the value of hard-work, drive, and respect. Because both of his grandparents were small business owners, he began to aspire to become an entrepreneur at an early age. When he came to the United States and settled in Silver Spring, Maryland as a young teenager his goal was to follow in his grandparents footsteps. After getting his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, he made the decision to begin the Haitian Swagg Clothing line.

Haitian Swagg Clothing also does a lot to support the Haitian Community. The owner marched against the discrimination of Haitians by the Dominican Republic. Participated in many fundraiser to benefit Haitian victims of Hurricane Matthew. Haitian Swagg Clothing has also participated and donated to many foundations and associations to help Haiti, including the National Alliance for the Advancement of Haitian Professionals and the Association of Haitian Professionals.

Fritz Gerald has a lot more planned for Haitian Swagg Clothing Store LLC in the future. He wants the company to represent and support the Haitian people. His next step includes using t-shirts made in Haiti to help the Haitian economy and to only use the colors of the Haitian Flags for the apparel.

Fritz Gerald, B.B.A, M.Sc.IT, PhD Candidate
Owner and CEO
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Master of Science in IT Specialized in Software Engineer
Computer Science Doctorate Student
Master Mason
USN Veteran